Sunday, 7 December 2008

Made in the Shade III

Hello All!

The Made in the Shade Weekender has arrived if you havn't already heard. It has got tons of press releases, particularly by Indie Quarter and a mention in the Skinny and List. I wasn't able to attend yesterday, which I'm sure was hoppin' due work [my LAST day at Partick Library before I get moved to another one I might add :( Luckily I have a chance to go today and will get to see all these lovely products and craft folk again!!! MITS III is held at the Lighthouse on Mitcjell lane [you cant miss it, huge sign saying LIGHTHOUSE when you look down the lane]. Since I've forgotten to post on FRIDAY about it [eep], today's market starts at 12 and ends at 5 and is in the heart of the Christmas shopping streets.

Here is a list of the vendors at the market as posted on the Made in the Shade website:

1. Leah Halliday - gorgeous giftware

2. Off With Her Head - fabulous millinery and headwear for the burlesque goddess in you

3. Genna Designs - beautiful jewellery for the special guy or gal in your life!

4. Magic Alice - unusual accessories by Jennifer Field

5. Syrah Jay - felt and textile jewellery and accessories

6. OSM - robot and spaceman inspired art and design pieces

7. Kes Designs - clothing and gifts for mini Made In The Shaders!

8. Nana Moon - vintage treasures and ephemera by Carrie Maclennan

9. Clare Nicolson - textile design for the home, for the perfect gift

10. YHF - street culture photography by Garry Maclennan

11. Lady Wurlitzer - vintage inspired bath & beauty products handcrafted at home

12. Tahira Iqbal - fabulous accessories and jewellery

13. Elfie Loves - vintage clothing by stylist and journalist Diana Kiernander

14. Haberdash House - acrylic jewellery and accessories! The circus is the new black.

15. Ding Dong Designs - celebrity-style finger puppets and quirky felt accessories!

16. Suzy Loves - cute clothes, bags and accessories

17. Covetables - friendly stitched creatures AND home baking! Perfect combo!

18. Bindy Boo - beautiful handmade books and journals

19. Pea Cooper Millinery - super swell millinery and headwear by Paula Cooper

20. INTO Textile Designs - felt and knitted accessories and cosifying items!

21. Made By Mother - art and design pieces by the fabulously talented Mhari McMullan

22. Liz Tainsh Photography - abstract photography

23. Dazed Dorothy - unique clutch bags and accessories by leathersmith, Corinne

24. Boxart - vintage inspired canvas art collection by Kate George

25. Scrumptious - luxurious textiles by a fabulously talented collective

26. Tea ‘n’ Cake - 50s inspired accessories and homewares by Joy & Gerry

27. J’emmajo - pretty pashminas by Emma Jo Webster

28. Girl Industries - cute handmade gifts for your chums

29. re:made - beautiful knits and handmade gifts by Victoria Neil & Chloe McDonnell

30. Elisabeth Ingram - jewellery inspired by nature, japanese prints and craft techniques

31. *pipless jam - fabulous up-cycled accessories and gifts by Rosemary Cunningham

32. Gorjuss - wistful artwork and gift selection

33. Global Guru - electic textile design by Morag Macpherson

34. Pumpkinsputnik - elegant handmade stationery and gift cards

35. Little Sister Lucy - indulgent designer undergarments for the gals

36. bYMi - wonderful origami accessories and gifts

37. Kitty & Dude - quirky handmade ceramics that laugh at your behind your back

38. Helen Gallogly - textile design and homewares inspired by nature and pretty prints

39. Emoni - beautiful handmade fabric bags

40. We Are The Robots - geek chic accessories and nautical naughtiness from Kerri and Nina

41. Lost In The Forest - unusual, enchanting gifts by Emily Chandler

42. Miso Funky - naughty embroidery and handcrafted homewares

43. Asking For Trouble - giftwares inspired by Japanese culture & style

44. Feel Fuzzy - reclaim your childhood with upcycled retro products by Debi

45. Anna Whyte - classic tailoring in luxury fabrics by designer Anna Whyte

46. Pammie Annie Mackay - gorgeous bags, belts and purses by seamstress Pammie Annie

47. The Dandelion Project - handknits, stationery and prints by designer duo

48. Marion Barclay - contemporary jewellery made from anodised aluminium

49. Librarian Barbarian - the home of the cassette purse and record bag!

50. Electra French - indie clothing and accessories company with a electro/citrus edge

51. A Curious Swift - Scary sperm? Angry cloud? Quirky jewellery and giftwares by Gini

52. Cherryloco - jewellery and pretty charms

53. Natalie Farrell - sweet as candy pastel fabric purses and accessories

54. Florence Box Jewellery - wonderful vintage inspired accessories

55. Pistol Whip Vintage - vintage fashion treasures

56. Stella My Star - quirky handmade jewellery by Jo Gurney

57. Suzanne Smith Design - vintage craft supplies and giftware

58. Lullaby Lily - loveable handknitted creatures by Flora Kennedy

59. Nina’s Vintage Hair Parlour - stylist to the stars, Nina Butkovich-Budden sets up salon

60. Raw Vintage - vintage fashion treasures by Southside boutique, ‘Re-cycle And Wear’


Andy @ AndysWeb said...

You should alos check out Emerald Angel Unique Creations as they have some wonderful Burlesque accessories :)

Andy @ AndysWeb said...

Sorry wrong URL Emerald Angel Unique Creations