Sunday, 15 February 2009

Kitchen Time!

I never could appreciate a modern kitchen, I hope the same couldn't be said if I was the same age back in the late 70s and early 80s when this photograph was taken. This kitchen is amazing. I love how it's homey and inviting, the orange and browns make it so comforting and warm.It's just asking for a large troop of 80s teens to come in and eat pizza. I hate these stainless steel bleak and cold kitchens I see in the Ikea catalogues. To me a kitchen should be livable not stark. I grew up in a very 80s kicthen [the dark wood cupboards and crazy patterend floor]. I spent hours in there, reading my masses of Archie comics while eating cereal, talking for hours on the phone to my friend, and cutting and gluing whatever craft needed to be cutted and glued. Sadly that kicthen is gone, the house sold, and my parents [though ive moved out and am 4000 miles away] have designed a fancy modern kitchen. I suppsoe i'll always have a soft spot for older dark and cluttered kicthens.

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