Sunday, 28 February 2010

Vikings, Pugs and Crazy Yarn Squids

It always seems, when life is most hectic, that my craft-o-meter skyrockets. I am slammed with inspiration from all over the place, itching to craft when its bedtime and piecing together projects in my head as I rearrange books at work. So I’ve been toiling away on some different projects here and there, whether it’s trying out projects from books or working out my own ideas.

Yarn Squid Brooches

I recently bought The Craftster Guide to Nifty, Thrifty, and Kitschy Crafts: Fifty Fabulous Projects from the Fifties and Sixties by Leah Kramer , which I wanted forever, and fell in love with the Merry Monsters project. There is a small image of the original yarn man a1960s craft book beside the instructions. I don’t ever remember seeing them in my Grans, but they look oddly familiar and I automatically warmed to the idea. I thought they’d be cute on a piece of clothing and made my versions into brooches for my bag, change the face a bit, and added a darling little gingham bowtie and teeny button.

Stockhausen Pughausen loves Hamburgers

There is a picture of a Pug in a tuxedo someplace on the Internet that I saved as my background picture. My husband and I love that picture so much, that I decided to make it in felt, as a Christmas gift for him. It now stately hangs in our entryway. Only we know the secret of the hamburger, hehe.


Living in Scotland has a few advantages. One of them is being able to see Norse influence daily. I find Norse/Viking history in Scotland really fascinating and was inspired to make this little trooper after a visit from York one day. Sewing and embroidering the wee beard was too enjoyable. I love the massive wooden button and how the helmut fits snugly over his head. I named him Njal [after Njal's Saga] and he will have a boat soon. I've also created even teenier versions of Njal and his buds that are nearly finished. Im nut sure what I can do with them, I was thinking of attaching a string to their heads...wee ornaments? Clearly too early for Christmas though.

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