Tuesday, 9 March 2010

B-day Goodies

It was my birthday a couple days ago and I don't think I've ever had so many crafty-based gifts.

I've been obsessed with Toilet Paper Cozies with the plastic dolls in them for a few months. I finally got around to buying some of the plastic dolls [and let me just say, that in the UK, it is nearly impossible to get these things]. There are so many American sites offering 7" dolls, and even plastic dolls with those funny tube for legs made specifically to fit in toilet paper rolls. The shipping price is too ridiculous though, and I found these cuties for a bargain on ebay.

Anyway, my pal bought me a toilet paper cozy doll from a fantastic designer on Ebay who lives in northern Scotland. She had ordered it two days before my birthday and she made it, packaged and sent right to my pal's house just in time for the birthday bash at Curlers. She is so cute, I had to name her Clementine, and she now survey's the living room atop of my shelf. She's also the same type of doll I had ordered, I must remember to email the lady who makes these and ask her where she get her supply from.

My husbands parents came down and gave me some cards and gifts from the family.

I got this rocking Clothes Kits Bag design that Im itching to sew up [I love the black on red].

My husband and I watched that amazing Totoro film a couple months ago, and I nearly fainted when I saw the wonderful Cat Bus. So he got me this.

His parents drove us out to the big Hobby Craft superstore in Eatserhouse [because it's nearly impossible to get to without a car], and I bought £15 worth of crafts, including polka dot and leopard printed felt that I'm using to make my toilet paper cozies with. We also went into the 'toon and he bought me a knitting loom [amazing!] and pom pom lace stuff, and ric rac, ric rac, ric rac. I have ric rac coming out my ears now! I'm waiting for a delivery of jumbo stuff too!

Check out these darling gnome decals Kris also got me. I need to find a good place to stick these little fellows.

She also picked up a whole box of these wee gaffers as birds for my plush cuckoo clocks. Ugh, I have too many projects on the go.

My new pal and co-worker Anna even whipped me up one of her amazing bird brooches.

She is a jewelry designer and has some brilliant wares in different shops ad galleries in Glasgow and Edinburgh, check her out at Kath Libbert Jewellery and Precious-Eastcoast

And finally...my Sindy toilet. Yep...that's a genuine 1970's gem right there. The brown and mustard screams that decade and I love the 'Sindy' in cursive as if it's the name of the toilet company, classic. The little matt that wraps around the seat is just as raggedy as a full sized one would be. One of my little plastic babes tested it out today while I was at work. She should be ashamed of herself!

I will have to make a miniature toilet paper cozy to sit on top of it, as well as maybe a shag seat cover, but that brown is really too sweet to cover up, don't you think? I wish this was my real toilet...or an avocado version...or even a pastel blue. We had a light yellow one with matching tub and sink back at my old home. Having to live with a pure white one is just not as much fun.

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