Saturday, 20 March 2010

Fair-Weather House

I’m a huge fan of Hannah Kopacz of Made with Love By Hannah fame [I should be, I own nine of her cute A-Line skirts and two sweet shirts], and my latest craft I’ve whipped up last night really made me think of her. I’m so thrilled she loves weather houses too and that she introduced me to ric rac, I swear to god I never knew that fun braided trim existed until I stumbled across her site. I now cannot imagine working without it.

This is the first one I made. I made it up as I went along, and thought it turned out relatively well.

My father’s side of the family LOVED cuckoo clocks and weather houses. They lived in the very woodsy, traditional rural part of northern New Brunswick and thinking back, I realize just how many folk novelties my grandparents had. I remember the cuckoo clock that we had acquired after my grandfather passed away years ago, which my parents gave to my uncle [much to my dismay, but I suppose he grew up with it]. But the item that especially sticks with me is the sun bleached weather house they had on the windowsill over their kitchen sink. Out of all the beautiful old furniture and nifty little odds and ends that had accumulated in my grandparent’s house for years it was the cheap old dusty weather house that my father HAD to have.

I always thought it was so magical yet simple. If it’s sunny, out comes that lady. If it’s rainy out come the man. Brilliant! After a couple years of it at my parents place, my little nephew accidentally broke it. But it was as though my parents needed to have one in the kitchen, to carry on the tradition. And to be honest, the kitchen did feel a bit empty without it. They found one at Canadian Tire for like five bucks. The older one was packed away for safe keeping, and the new one sat gleaming, fresh and new, on the windowsill. They now give weather houses to friends and family who are difficult to buy for. A very interesting gift I think!

There are dozens of charity shops in my neighbourhood in Glasgow. I frequent them at least once every week or two in hopes of finding some good bargains and keepsakes [I usually do]. A couple years ago, I found a weather house for £1. It’s broken of course, and really old and dirty, bits missing. But I had to save it. It’s like, in my blood to have a weather house. It now sits on my mantle piece.

I’ve wanted to do something weather house themed for a little while now, but could never think of any cool ideas. I’m not sure how ‘cool’ this wall hanging is, but it certainly makes me smile. I couldn’t stop once I started last night, and was absolutely stumped on how I’d make the people so tiny out of felt…until I remembered the amazing weaved folk trim I had bought off etsy ages ago. They fit so perfectly!

I also used some cute Scandinavian inspired trim my friend gave me, vintage plastic deer things I bought from etsy, and wooden toadstools I bought from the dollar store when I visited Canada last year. I’ll put a couple in my shop soon

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