Saturday, 13 March 2010

Garden Party Peg Doll - Tutorial

Eloise is flapper gal who loves tea cakes, flowers, and ice cream socials. Make this splendid little peg dolls using fabric scraps, wooden pegs, and cupcake wrappers and hang them in your window or stick them in the pots of your house plants.

Things you’ll need:
- 1 wooden clothespin peg
- scrap of lightweight fabric, cut approximately 7.5 cm wide and 6.5 cm high, and a smaller strip of the same fabric cut 10cm in length and 1 cm wide
- 2 miniature cupcake wrappers
- A pair of pinking sheers
- A black fine point pen
- A sharp pencil
- A fine point red marker
- A glue stick
- Glue gun with one hot glue stick

Step 1: Draw the face
Draw the face and hair of your gal first with the pencil, and then with the black pen. Colour in the lips with the red marker and the hair with the black pen.

Step 2: Make the dress
With pinking shears cut the lightweight fabric in a slight rectangle [see measurements]
Fold the top edge over a couple times to create a ‘top’ for the dress

Glue around the inside of the top edge with the glue gun. Starting from the back of the peg, wrap the gluey edge around the doll until it meets the back.

Step 3: Make the Hat
Flatten both cupcake wrappers.

Rub the glue stick on the underbelly of one of the wrappers
Paste the two together so that each side of the flattened cupcake wrapper shows its patterns

Pinch the flattened wrappers with your fingers and squirt a small glob of hot glue in the centre.

Wedge the back of the head into the glue glob and mould to the head according to preference.
I preferred making mine in the style of a sun hat and curled the edges out around the brim.

Step 4: Making the hanger
With pinking shears, cut a slight strip of fabric that matches the dress [see measurements]

With the glue gun, dab a small spot of hot glue on the inside bottom, and paste the two edges together to make a loop.

Dot some hot glue on the back of the hat and press the end of the hanger loop in tact.

Now Eloise is ready for some garden part action!

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