Thursday, 25 March 2010

Toadstool Brooch

I had one of those half-awake dreams the other morning about me wearing a beautiful toadstool brooch on my jacket. So when I got up I immediately made this 'shroomie with some of my ultra awesome polka dot felt I had bought on my birthday. I'm really chuffed with the little delicate detail on the underbelly , it makes it a bit cartoony yet realistic. I'd love to make a whole range of different types of mushroom brooches, but I may be getting ahead of myself.

This chap is lightly stuffed with polyfill and has a bar brooch on the backside. He stands about 3 1/2 inches tall, so he's just small enough to be comfortable on a coat or bag, but large enough to stand out and make a statement. I was thinking of goggly eyes [I'm always thinking of goggly eyes], but I kinda like him just the way he is. I think I'm going to add him to the sellin' pile that I'll be putting up this weekend.

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unconcerned dad said...

The wife would totally wear this. How muchee?