Monday, 12 April 2010

A couple things I've been experimenting....

It's taken me a while, but I pushed myself to return to my Russian doll idea. This time, instead of a three piece felt family, I made one fine lady out of mixed fabrics and roosted her atop of my loose toilet paper roll.

I had this beautiful vintage Scandinavian cotton duck fabric I bought off Etsy a few months ago, and finally found the perfect usage for it. Lucky for me, the pattern suited the style I was going. I love how the black pinking shearish stripe runs down her front, to me, it looks like the embroidered opening of a jacket. The black velvety upholstery fabric [found for 99p at a charity shop btw, sweet] really illuminates the bright red of the ric rac. The pom pom trim was very necessary, I don't care what others may thing. Pom pom trim is ALWAYS necessary. Her face is embroidered with brown polyester thread on calico and I applied a wee dust of rose blush to her cheeks for good measure.

When I was in the fabric store in the city centre yesterday getting supplies, red and white polka dot fleece caught my eye. I ended up spending £35 on fabric but it was well worth it. I had to take a lovely saunter to the park because it was a unexpectedly brilliant sunny day. It's a rare thing here, so catching rays becomes a priority. When I returned to the flat, i sewed up this number...a toadstool plush. I was delighted with my brooch and figured a good ol' big brother should be made. It's made completely from fleece and packed so tightly with wadding that it's very solid, but cushy. I'm puttin' it up in the shop too.